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Thirteenth Annual C.I.P.N Conference 2022

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Second Annual C.P.N Conference

Promoting Excellence in Therapy in Prisons

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WHO HIPP Status report


Ethical Framework counseling in Criminal Justice system

IAP rapid evidence collection v0l.3 preventing the death of women

CPN Newsletter No. 7 – Dec 2015
CPN Newsletter No. 6 – Nov 2014
DH / NOMS Personality disorder program Newsletter Spring 2014
CPN Newsletter No. 5 – Nov 2013
Securing Excellence in Commissioning for Offender Health, 2013

Securing Excellence in Commissioning for Offender Health, 2013

Response to the Offender Personality Disorder Consultation, 2011

An Introduction to NOMS Offender Services Commissioning, 2011

Offender Personality Disorder Pathway, 2011

Recognising complexity:
Commissioning guidance for personality disorder services, 2009

Interventions in Criminal Justice Flyer, 2012

Counselling in Prisons – Thresholds Journal Spring 2012. Published by BACP©.

Provision of therapy for vulnerable or intimidated adult witnesses prior to a criminal trial – Practice guidance

Male Sexual Abuse Booklet, January 2011

WHO Health in Prisons Project, December 2010

WHO Health in Prisons Project, December 2007

WHO Health in Prisons Project, December 2007

CPN Newsletter No. 4 – Nov 2012

CPN Newsletter No. 3 – Oct 2011

CPN Newsletter No. 2 – April 2010

CPN Newsletter No. 1 – Jan 2010

The Corston Report: a review of women with particular vulnerabilities in the criminal justice system

Counselling in the Custodial Setting

Psychological Therapies in Prisons York

Ethical Perspectives 2008

Working with Sexual Violence and Trauma within Custodial Settings