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The Counselling in Prisons Network was founded in 2007 primarily to provide a professional home for counsellors and therapists working in the criminal justice system. The key focus is to pool expertise, share best practice and provide an evidence base for therapeutic practice in the criminal justice system.

Message from our patron

The counselling in Prisons Network is a Partner Organisation in The WHO
Partnership for health in the criminal justice system
(http://www.euro.who.int/prisons). The platform is used as a tool for
sharing publications, good practice guidelines, and other prison health
related information,

Our Work


To pool expertise and best practice, to identify research agendas and develop excellence in working with offenders, with a view to pushing back the boundaries.

Aims of Group

To develop and agree best practice for the engagement, management and treatment of female and male offenders who are resident in the custodial setting.

Objectives of Group

To pool expertise; share knowledge through networking, conferences and a virtual learning site. To conduct relevant research in order to inform practice and development.


Monika Egli-Alge, M.Sc.; 1958

Monika Egli-Alge, M.Sc.; 1958

Monika Egli-Alge, M.Sc., is a forensic psychologist and psychotherapist and the Founder of forio. She has a vast range of experience in outpatient psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment of children, young people and families, as well as inpatient care of adults with intellectual disability. Forio provides also forensic therapies in prisons with perpetrators. Since 2006 forio runs a prevention-programm for men with a sexual preference for childrens and adults – Kein Täter werden.

From the early 1990s onwards Egli-Alge has been a key practitioner in the development of treatment for sex offenders. In 2002 she an her teams developed the first treatment for sex offenders with intellectual disabilities in the German speaking regions. Two years later Monika Egli-Alge founded forio. Egli-Alge has published a number of academic outputs and has a track record of national and international conference presentations. She is a member of the Scientific Advisory Boards for the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany), boardmember of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Prävention und Intervention bei Kindesmisshandlung, -vernachlässigung und sexueller Gewalt DGfPI and member of ATSA.

Forio as an independent Institut make survey reports (perpetrators and credibility), Egli-Alge is responsible for that. In cooperation with universities of applied siences, Egli-Alge is envolved in education and with partners in Germany and Austria, Egli-Alge is envolved in preventionissues.

Monika Egli-Alge has 2 adult sons

Monika Egli-Alge, 2023

Professor Michael Brookes OBE

Professor Michael Brookes OBE

Professor Michael Brookes was formerly Director of Therapeutic Communities at HMP Grendon where for eleven years he was the clinical lead within this accredited therapeutic community prison. Prior to this appointment, Michael worked as an Area Psychologist, at HMPS HQ and in a secure Youth Treatment Centre. He is a consultant chartered and registered forensic psychologist and was appointed an OBE in 2013 for services to HM Prison Service and the Care of Prisoners. Michael has entered academia at this stage of his career to share his knowledge and experience with students interested in the professional application of forensic psychology.

Dr Euan Hails

Dr Euan Hails

Dr Euan Hails is employed as the Consultant Nurse for S-CAMHS at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. He has extensive experience in providing cognitive behavioural, psychosocial interventions and family work to individuals with psychosis and their families/carers. Euan has extensive experience in developing accredited skills based courses designed to enable mental health workers to develop skills in psychological interventions notably; CBT, CBTp and family work. Euan has worked in the UK, Ireland and Australia and delivered skills based training, clinical intervention packages and service developments, notably first accredited CBT training course in NSW, Australia and first Case Management Team in the UK. He is currently developing At Risk Mental State and Early Intervention Psychosis Services locally and nationally as the First Episode Psychosis Lead at the 1000LIVES I mental health section at Public Health Wales, Welsh Government. He also represents Wales at the UK wide IRIS Early Interventions Leads Committee and is the Welsh Lead for the Counselling in Prisons Network and a Trustee of the CPN Charity. Euan sits on a number of Welsh Government task forces leading on the development of S-CANHS in Wales. He is the Chair of the HAFAL ‘Let's Talk about Psychological Therapies’ project. Euan was an Adjunct Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Charles Sturt University, a Visiting Associate Clinical Professor in Mental Health Nursing, University of Wollongong, Australia and a Senior Lecturer at The School of Medicine, Swansea University. In 2012 he was awarded his Doctor of Education from the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.

Emily McArdle, MSc. (MBACP) Person-Centred & Emotion Focused Psychotherapist

Emily McArdle, MSc. (MBACP) Person-Centred & Emotion Focused Psychotherapist

I am the current Counselling in Prisons Network (CiPN) Board Member for Scotland and find the post a great honour. I work providing counselling in Scotland for prisoners with drug and alcohol-related problems since 2012 and in my own private practice from the person-centred and emotion focused approach. I have a strong background working with people who have drug and alcohol-related difficulties, BBV, mental health difficulties and anxiety. I have extensively researched the experiences of prisoners undertaking person-centred therapy and produced a body of research entitled ‘Alcohol Counselling in Prison: A Qualitative Study’ for my MSc. My intention was to documenting the lives of the prisoners who had received counselling from their perspective and a small section of the good work we do.

Erick Oduor

Erick Oduor

Erick Oduor is Counsellor at Cruse Bereavement Care working in Prison in N.Ireland for the last 9 years, and also a supervisor with Cruse Bereavement Care. I also have a private practice that has been operating for the last seven years. I also am a Board member with CIPN representing Ireland which has been grateful to serve and Great privilege as I have enjoyed promoting counseling in the prison network.



Chair Counselling in Prisons Network

Peter has an extensive background in mental health and has undertaken training as a counselor, graduating with a Diploma in Counselling in 1997 and obtaining a MA in Counselling in 1999 from Ripon and York St John. He is a recognised national leader in working with victims of sexual violence and trauma who disclose this both within the custodial setting and mental health arena, and he has presented his work at a number of national and international conferences. He has developed models of practice and pioneered work in this area both within and outside the custodial setting over the last 10 years. It is through this work that he has been challenged to explore more deeply the nature of regimes and their relationship to the patient and the healthcare worker and their impact on health. He has published a number of articles and books in this field. His published books in the field of working therapeutically in the criminal justice system include

 Interventions In the criminal justice system. A handbook for counselors and therapists working in the criminal justice system Volume 1

 Interventions In the criminal justice system. A handbook for counselors and therapists working in the criminal justice system Volume 2

 Male sexual abuse and trauma training: A manual , DVD, and CD ROM

Peter was awarded a BACP Fellowship in 2009 in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the development of BACP and to Counselling/ psychotherapy in general. Peter chairs a specialist interest group within the World Health Organisation in relation to Sexual Violence and Trauma within custodial settings. He also chairs and leads the Well-Being in Prisons Network within Higher Education founded in 2010 in partnership with the Mental Health in Higher Education Network. , Peter was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2013. He also became visiting fellow from 2013 to 2016 at the University of Durham.

His hobbies include attending his local gym, eating out and walking through the Purbecks. Peter is also a keen supporter of Liverpool FC.

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